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A Montserrat Masterclass: How to take an earring selfie with Photographer Sophie Sahara

Have you ever tried to take an earring selfie?

It’s hard. I’m not kidding! Taking a jewelry selfie is tough. Go ahead, try it right now with your cell phone. Between capturing the details, and making sure the lighting is shining on the metal just right, you can get lost in the lens and forget to smize altogether!

I know this struggle because I’ve been there. When I made our first earring, my friend Gayle and I tried endlessly to capture a good earring selfie that we could use for the website. It’s safe to say that those pics never made it too far.

Since then, I’ve taken many more earring selfies, but can’t say that I’ve mastered the art of it entirely. So, I turned to our photographer, Sohpie Sahara for help! And I thought I can’t possibly be the only chick out there who’s curious on how to take the best earring selfie, so why not invite Sophie to give a Master Class so we can all nail a good jewelry selfie?!

Check out the video below for Sophie’s professional tips and tricks on how to take the perfect earring selfie, and see her photos for the finished product!


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