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Q&A with Artist Jon-Marc Balint

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Art is
of life.

Here at Montserrat, we’re constantly looking to art to gain inspiration for unique pieces that push at the boundaries of contemporary jewelry. We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of our favorite artists and tastemakers along the way, and we’ve decided to highlight some of the work that they do through a new initiative called Art Lovers Society.

This week, we sat down with Jon-Marc Balint, a contemporary artist who creates unique and whimsical works in a distinctive style.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get your start as an artist?

I started drawing at 2 years old and taking art classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 3. Ever since and throughout my adolescence, art continued to be my creative outlet. In the past few years I’ve intensified my focus and commitment to the craft.

The Postcards
Jon-Marc designed 3 postcards for us, which are included in your orders as a gift of art, from us to you, to be shared or hung up.

Q: What does art mean to you? How does being an artist impact your daily life?

Art is the fabric of life. Contributing to that tapestry--the art grid of life--is important to me. In the same way an athlete doesn’t feel right if he or she is inactive, I have a hard time going to sleep if I haven’t created something that day.

Where do you source INSPIRATION
for your work?

My imagination. I see art everywhere. In the clouds, trees and throughout nature. I live right next to Central Park and daily walks are a cherished ritual and constant source of inspiration.

La Femme Charm
The charm Jon-Marc designed for our Jet Sets!

Is there something about the accessibility of black ink that drew you to use it as a primary material?

I love working in black and white because it’s simple, powerful and by removing the variable of color, gives even greater meaning to the movement and thickness of your lines and negative space. It’s been fun developing very different styles within this sub-genre ranging from very minimalist line work, to more aggressive thicker, bolder lines, silhouettes, negatives and sometimes combining several of these styles within the same piece.

Are there any upcoming projects that you’re looking forward to?

I have my first pop-up shop this summer in the Hamptons that I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been working on a collection of summer merchandise that features my artwork on everything you need for summer: swimwear, tees, totes, beach towels and more. In addition, I’ve started experimenting with animation and am also looking at getting into the NFT space so I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m super excited and grateful to be doing what I love

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