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Art Lovers Society

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Art Lovers Society

Here at Montserrat New York, we’re big art lovers! We love how much history can be told through a single piece of art - ranging from the life of the artist, to the time period in which it was created, and how the people of that time reacted to it.

Through our Art Lovers Society series, you’ll be introduced to the artists we’ll be collaborating with. We want the Art Lovers Society to be a moment where you can be introduced to contemporary artists and learn more about their work and visions. Our goal is to cultivate additional spaces for art to be shared, loved, and appreciated for both the artists and the audiences. Think of it as our version of an artist in residence program.

Stay tuned to MONTSERRAT’s Art Lovers Society for all of the different ways we’ll be working with our artist friends, ranging from various types of collaborations, campaigns, and more!

PS. If YOU are an artist and want to collaborate with our brand, please send us an email!

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