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The Postcards

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The Postcards are part of
MONTSERRAT’s Art Lovers Society and serve as a conduit to discover the works of the photographers and artists we are collabroating with.

Introducing the MONTSERRAT Postcards!
Every few months, when we’ve run out of the current batch of postcards, we’ll feature 3 new postcards from one of our existing artist collaborations. And, of course, the postcards will feature the artists’ Instagram handles so you can continue to explore their works!
To kick off the Postcard series, the MONTSERRAT team decided to share photos taken by me :) As founder and Creative Director of MONTSERRAT, I saw this as a great opportunity to share images that encapsulate the vibe of MONTSERRAT New York.
My dream is for our postcards to serve as a keepsake for you to put up in your home like a piece of art, or to be shared with friends and family through its postcard functionality. And better yet, I would love to see you all try to collect all three in each round! Maybe we’ll start up a little competition for that!

I’m so excited to be sharing you into the story of each photo!

Starting off with our girls night out photo - this is a real photo of a night out to dinner with my girlfriends at Café Felix.

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