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Montserrat New York

The Late Night Tote

The Late Night Tote

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Our AW2021 Signature Canvas Tote Bags are an extension of this seasons’ collection and our Love Letter To New York. Branded with a list of things we love, this multipurpose tote bag lays comfortably over the shoulder for easy transportation of your laptop, groceries, workout fit, pregame essentials, and everything in between. 


  • 100% Cotton

About the Style 

  • Late Nights & Bodegas & Drunk Texts Tote
  • Everyday lightweight canvas tote with a trendy phrase
  • New York City style tote that is perfect for on the go

 Style with your favorite Jet Set or SoHo Mini!

 *Item is not eligible for returns

If This Tote Could Talk 

Everyone is back in the city and the tans are fading, but the party is just starting. Dance the night away, text an ex, and pick up a Gatorade and some Doritos from your local bodega on your way home. Maybe a pack of Advil too.

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